How Do I Recover Deleted Videos on an Android Phone from Vidmate?

Vidmate is a famous and amazing video downloading app which offers unlimited and extra key features that are used by people and fulfills the needs and desires of people around the globe. It is a very painful moment when your favorite video is mistakenly deleted, but don’t be worried because it has become easy to recover the deleted videos. To recover the deleted data requires a little bit of effort, but you can get back your loving videos. Due to these flexibilities and functionalities, this app is growing day by day and people are favoring and preferring this amazing application. In this article, we will discuss the important steps and tips that might be helpful for you, and a lot more. 

Understand the Battleground- Android Storage and Deletion

First, understand how data behaves on your device before delving into recovery techniques. Know that the videos are saved in internal storage or on an external SD card because downloaded videos are usually saved in both external and internal storage. The saving of the videos on your device depends on the settings of your device and the available space. The deleted videos will be invisible from the gallery of your device but the actual data provides a window of opportunity for recovery because it might still reside on the storage media for some time. 

Protect Your Videos

To recover the deleted videos, it is possible to protect your data. Follow some precautions to recover your deleted data without facing difficulties.

Enabling the Clod Backup

You can restore your videos from the cloud backup because most of the videp downloading applications contain storage option to backup data automatically.

Utilize external storage

Always utilize external storage sources like SD cards, etc, to free up internal space and protect your favorite videos.

Use the File Manager

Utilize the file manager for the protection of your favorite videos, which compile and organize your data.

Temporary Storage Location in multiple devices

Window Laptop or PC

If you have accidentally deleted any of your file or videos, then go to the recycle bin and easily restore your deleted videos.


The mac device also contains the Trash folder, where you can also locate your deleted files.

iPhone and iOS devices

Discover the recently deleted folder, find your deleted or lost videos there and easily recover them.

Android Devices

Locate the trash bin or recently deleted folder and look for your desired video there. If you have navigated it then recover or restore the  deleted file without facing any problems.

Famous Data Recovery Apps

There are some famous data recovery apps that may help you a lot to recover your deleted or lost files or videos easily.


Diskdigger is a vast and free app that scans your data without paying anything VidMate.


This desktop application provides a mobile version to meet and recover your data and deleted files.


This is also a famous and functional scanner application that helps you a lot in recovering deleted and lost videos and files without facing any issues.

How do we recover Deleted Videos on Android Devices From the Vidmate app?

Step 1: Stop using your phone immediately

When you realize that some of your important videos were accidentally deleted by yourself, stop using your mobile phone because it increases the chances of lose your data and makes the recovery of your data difficult. 

Step 2: Install a secure Data Recovery App

Download or install a secure and safe Data Recovery App because you will need it. For that, go to the Google Play Store and choose a secure data recovery app, like DiskDigger, etc.

Step 3: Launch the Data Recovery App and Scan for Deleted Videos

After downloading and installing the app, launch the app and give it the necessary permissions. After that, start the scan process to search for the deleted videos on your device. Now, wait for a few moments because it takes a few minutes, depending on the size of the video.

Step 4: Choose and Recover the Data

After completing the scanning process of the Data Recovery App, the app will present you with the deleted videos that it has found. Now, select the videos or data you want to recover by carefully browsing the presented list. After that, select the videos and save the location on your device to proceed to the recovery process.

Step 5: Verify the Recovering Data 

After recovering the videos, check if they are playable or not. For this purpose, open the gallery on your device and check that the recovered videos are accessible and playing correctly. Finally, you’re deleted files are available in your mobile gallery.


Q. No. 1: Can the videos that were deleted be recovered from the Vidmate app?

Ans. Yes, you can easily recover your important deleted videos without facing any difficulties.

Q. No. 2: Is it lawful and secure to use?

Ans. Yes, it is secure, safe, and lawful to use. 


In short, the Vidmate application is the best and most interesting app that offers unlimited and extra key features that fulfill the requirements of the user. You do not need to worry if you accidentally erased some crucial files; it is feasible to retrieve your deleted data, including videos, with ease. The techniques and methods for retrieving deleted videos have been covered in this article. 

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