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VidMate (APK) is No 1# Video and Music Downloader app for Android. Download VidMate App now and enjoy stream your favrouite content for totally 100% free!

App NameVidmate
File Size23.5 MB
Total Downloads200,0000+
FeaturesFree Video & Music
Latest update1 day Ago

About Vidmate App

AS a free-to-use multimedia application that can help you to download music and files very easily, with a compatible range of tools and functions, this powerful software is a complete media hub. that allows you to access various content from different emerging platforms and save you just a few clicks. With a wide list of compatible pages and services and the ability to download content in different formats, VidMate stands out compared to alternatives like SnapTube or Videoder. It is an interesting media platform for downloading videos. For instances where data getts off, your downloading will be left where the date is disconnected it will automatically be reconnected when the internet connection is restored.

This app will also control your media consumption. With its download manager updated features, you also have the option to pause, play, or delete downloads as you wish you can use it. This is particularly useful when dealing with flickery internet connection. For instances where the data comes out, simply pause the download and pick up where you left off once the connection is restored, without losing your left behind progress. It will help you not go back to download it will automatically switch back to downloading.

Features of Vidmate APK

the very cool and advanced features that this app has you can download the video with your own choice of format. it will give you the size of your own choice to download the video in a compatible way. it also include an excellent feature that you can take a link from any site and put that link in the vidmate and it will provide you the download button for download.

Play your videos directly from the app

A strong point of Vidmate App is that you do not need to go to the internet to download some thing. you can simply download your desired video from the same will also help you out from downloading any other media payers it has its media player in it to play a addition each download is according to the filter assigned by the users.

Best live television and Music app

It insert the downloading and palying all kinds of video and music files. vidmate is the ideal app for downloading music and audio files
from the main streaming plat forms. With the same app you can make your desired playlist without connecting to the internet. and also entertained by the live television shows of internet stations.

Download Songs and videos

you can download the songs and videos very easily because it will give you the option when you play any video. It will also give you the size format of 240p to 4k.the video you are playing YOU can also download it in the music files.

Fast Downloading Speed

the downloading speed matters on your internet connection but the app speed also matters a lot for downloading the video or music file.
this app will increase the downloading speed because some advanced features are added to this application. It shows you the speed limit when you download the video. the fast downloading speed will download your songs and videos in a few seconds.

Convert videos to MP3- Convert your videos to audio in a single tap

this video downloader& player offers you a very advaned feature that will easily convert all video files into an mp3.for that you don’t need any third-party tool or app You can adjust this from the video.

Saves your WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses are shown for only 24 hours. but with this media player app, you can easily see such statuses that can be wrapped out after 24 hours. and you can also save them on your device and watch them later anytime.

Free Downloading- Download all your favorite content for free;

In this era of DEARNESS, we can save our money by using this application. Spending a lot of money on the app subscriptions
you can enjoy those features for free here.

Compatible video platform;

The compatibility of this application is with various video platforms. it also includes various famous video-sharing sites.
This application allows various content through a single site.

Regular Updates – Enhanced Performance and Features:

In this application, the video player will be regularly updated. because of the quick response to the user. It will give a quick response to the user due to this regular base update.the purpose of updating the application is to quick and efficient.

Streaming experience in high quality;

When you have a good internet connection and sufficient way then why you are compromising
On the streaming experience. Neither the application nor its content has a collaboration with the other top-rated streaming sites. You can go to any site at a fingertip through this vidmate APK.

A rich collection of pictures

VidMate introduced the latest and iterative dedicated tab for pictures, it provide a users with a high-quality image for various purposes. Whether you’re looking for any type of picture quality and mood to find the perfect wallpaper, VidMate offers a large-scale collection of pictures to meet your necessity.

A good option for a video downloader

The convenient and versatile app to download all kinds of videos from the Internet is Vidmate. It has a simple interface, along with the ability to play any downloaded video from its media player. It is ideal for those who are looking for the best entertainment and video programming with just a single click. However, it has some issues of constant presence of ads during its use can be irritating, significantly its effectsits users. this VidMate Download remains one of the best options if you are looking for a good program to quickly and easily download videos,music files and live streaming from the Internet.

usability of Vidmate

VidMate has a very easy and cool feature that it can easily download a video music file. You can either search or click on it to download it or click on a movie in the list of downloaded movies to start playing it. If you want to download a video from any other site that is not on the list of supported sites, you can do this by pressing on the “Downloaded from URL” and put that link into the search option for downloading your desired video.

functionality of Vidmate App

Software product made a VidMate application fully functional to video downloaders with a few errors. The app is totally free, but want a premium version with no advertisements. Application can be a lifesaver fo those people who do not have a stable internet connection. and it is not a lifesaver for those who have an unstable internet connection

Is VidMate legal?

If you want to download any program or files from the internet file., it is important to understand that VidMate should only be used to download videos that are not subject to any copyright laws. Any protected file downloading without the direct permission of its owner is illegal. And it also faces some serious consequences, including heavy fines and even prison.

How To use Vidmate for ios?

It is designed for Android users, Vidmate is known as a dayz very demanding application. Its popularity is very much, and the producer of this application didn’t want to be left behind by this cool and featured app. So, they make a Vidmate version for iPhone and other iOS devices like the 5s,6s,6splus, and various versions for iPad users which includes the iPad Air and Mini.The featured part? live TV shows, and movies you can watch easily in this application. it has the power to stream your favorite show or listen to the latest news, all with just a single click on your phone. And you know what? It’s free of cost! Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or any other device, Vidmate is there to keep you entertained and joyful.

How To use Vidmate for smart TV?

To find the best TV application in the smart TV for watching the best quality and best speed you should install Vidmate for smart TV. because the vid mate application is now available on smart TVs. Firstly, they are in smartphones and they have highly demanded applications so the designer made the version for smart TV so the viewers can also enjoy the vid mate application in their smart TV Now they are installed in the smart TV for live streaming and live telecasts of TV channels.

How To use Vidmate for pc?

A very clean user interface and is very easy-to-use application is Vidmate. It is a great alternative to the default film player application. Vidmate is a Software product app for online video downloading services that does not provide any service for live streaming and tv channels. It is like an extension for Chrome browser that allows users to load videos from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, and other film sites and it also includes the live streaming channels. Basically, its designed for smartphones and iOS devices, but it is also a Chrome extension.

VidMate installation is totally free application for Android, iOS that allows users to watch videos from YouTube or from other sources. This application is very easy to use and has a very simple interface that is suitable for users of any age and level of experience and education. A wide range of video formats and also includes a video downloader and film converter it provides. Software product VidMate for PC is a free and open-place of origin for Android applications that permit you to download and play a variety of videos, and music from YouTube, and other video live-streaming websites.It provides an interface that is totally clean and easy to use for the user.. Software product provides features that enable you to download movies with just a few clicks. VidMate computer has a lot of support in terms of regular updates and its fixes the bugs.

Pros and cons of Vidmate


  1. This application can used very easily.
  2. It includes a multimedia player on its own.
  3. It also provides a live TV telecast.
  4. It gives different formats and sizes for downloading videos.


  1. The only cons this application has that is plenty of advertisements.
  2. We can also overcome these ads using an ads blocker application.

How to use Vidmate?

you can also copy the URL of the other sites in this featured app vidmate. it will provide you the formats including mov,mp4,4k.
After installing this cool app you dive into a massive interface where you c n find your desired entertainment content.This app will give you the whole control on your media consumption control. With its efficient download manager, you have the option to pause, play, or delete downloads as you wish you can do in it . This is especially useful when you are facing an internet problem.


1.Which one is better: VidMate – HD video downloader?

VidMate – HD video downloader both offer a wide range of similar features. but the HD video downloader provides a little bit fewer features like Vidmate.

2.How can I download videos with VidMate – an HD video downloader?

3.Can I download music with VidMate – an HD video downloader?

Final Words

Vidmate app will also control your media consumption. With its download manager updated features, you also have the option to pause, play, or delete downloads as you wish you can use it. This is particularly useful when dealing with flickery internet connection. For instances where the data comes out, simply pause the download and pick up where you left off once the connection is restored, without losing your left behind progress. It will help you not go back to download it will automatically switch back to downloading.