DramaFever alternatives better sites to watch Korean Dramas

In today’s era, people’s preferences are changing over time. Enthusiasts are searching for various things according to their interests. In the field of TV dramas, individuals show their interest in Korean dramas. There are many sites for watching Korean and other dramas, but   DramaFever is the major platform for watching Korean dramas. Now it’s closed for this purpose, and people search for various platforms to watch Korean TV dramas. DramaFever is an online Korean drama streaming application which offers unlimited and extra content, which amuses people Many platforms allow users to watch Korean TV dramas and have a huge collection of serials. There are some alternatives to the DramaFever app and some of them are given.

Alternatives to DramaFever App

1. Viki

Viki is the best alternative to DramaFever. The platform has a wide collection of Korean TV dramas. In addition, the platform offers other Asian dramas as well. The main feature of the platform is subtitle access. Users can easily understand the drama with English subtitles as well as in other languages. Users run it on Android, iOS, and many other devices.

2. Kocowa

Korean is the platform that allows Korean serial content without any charges. It is a streaming service that is restricted in various countries. It offers a vast range of Korean TV dramas with subtitles in different languages. In addition, the platform also supports the premium version, in which ads are eliminated. Its duration is about 14 days. It has an easy-to-use interface and functions flawlessly. 

3. Netflix  

Netflix is the world’s biggest platform, offering a wide range of content in dramas and movies. It has only a paid version with subtitles in over 15 different languages. It has a wide array of K-pop dramas. Netflix also has originals like Crash Landing on You and Hospital, which are popular worldwide. 

4. on-demand Korea

This is another amazing alternative to Dramafever. It allows its users huge content on Korean dramas. It offers adverse Korean news programs and a variety of Korean shows. It provides its users with ads free experience to watch content. In addition, it also offers premium subscriptions through which users can enjoy exclusive and up-to-date content. 

5. AsiancCush

Asian Crush is a streaming service that offers a diverse range of content to its users. It has a free version through which users can watch Korean serials. It does not include extensive content but provides unique and amazing content to its users. It is also available in a premium version that allows users to watch content without ads and get the latest updates VidMate.

6. KissAsian

KissAsian is a famous website with exclusive data on movies and Korean dramas. It has a user-friendly interface. Users can easily watch Korean dramas without a subscription. It supports ads to support its service. It is the best application to watch Korean TV dramas for free.

7. VIU 

Many amazing and stunning websites are available that allow various content in Korean dramas. Among them, VIU is the most popular website because it offers a diverse range of content to its users. It is a free streaming website and also has a premium version for offline viewing and ad-free content.

8. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular platform among all platforms. It provides diverse and unique content to its users. It supports channels like KBS, MBC, and Soule Broadcast. These channels show updated and the latest episodes of Korean drama. Users can watch the content online for free. It also supports subtitles in different languages.

9. WeTV

Another amazing alternative drama streaming app is WeTV, which offers unlimited and additional dramas that amuse people a lot. It contains a huge collection of Korean dramas, which have gained the attention of people around the globe. It allows you to watch and download your favorite Korean dramas from the wide library of Korean dramas.

10. Amazon Prime Videos

This is known as an authentic and reliable Korean dramas platform that offers unlimited Korean dramas under the Government rules. That is also one of the reasons that people around the world are preferring and using this platform more. It provides original and authentic license for its production and presentation of Korean dramas.

11. TubiTV

This is also one of the famous Korean drama streaming application which can be use as an alternative of DramaFever app. It offers a wide library of Korean dramas and allows people to choose your favorite drama and watch it without any tension. But you have to bear one thing that are disturbing ads. But the services of the app are awesome and you can use it as an alternate of DramaFever drama streaming application.

12. Hulu

Hulu is also a popular Korean drama streaming application which offers amazing and unlimited features for dramas and has won the hearts of people around the globe. It allows you to subscribe to your favorite drama or channel and easily watch the upcoming or next episodes without searching for them. So, you can use it as an alternative to the DramaFever application.


In short, DramaFever is a Korean drama streaming app which offers unlimited and extra content that fulfills the needs and requirements of users. Due to its functionality and facilities, people around the world are using and preferring this amusing application. If you want to use the alternative apps of DramaFever, you can do so after reading the above discussion on the alternative apps. 

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