What are the Best 15 Series on Netflix India 2020 Updated

NetFlix is the best and most amazing platform for watching movies, dramas, etc., and almost everyone knows about it and its services. The main purpose of the app is to provide recent and amusing movies from different platforms for its users. It gives you a cinema like experience while just sitting at home because it offers movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Due to its functionality and interesting content, people all around the globe are preferring and liking this fantastic app for their enjoyment. Additionally, the data and information of users is protected by this app’s high security and safety system. The top 15 Netflix series available in India will be covered in this article.

2020 Updated Top 15 Series on Netflix India

1. Sacred Games

The Sacred Game is one of the best and most watched in India, and it is based on the novel “ Sacred Games,” written by Vikram Chandra. The interesting and amazing storyline of the series has won the hearts of people around India. It covers the critical situation in Mumbai and the main characters of the story are Nawazuddin Sidique and Saif Ali Khan. 

2. Delhi Crime

The second important and winning series is Delhi Crime, which is based on real events after an unflinching look into the aftermath of the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape case. This series received widespread appreciation from people due to the sensitive handling of the subject matter and the main character of the series is Shefali Shah.

3. She

Another amusing and interesting series on the NetFlix app in India is She, which represents the criminal world of Mumbai. This amazing series is produced and directed by Imtiaz Ali and Aaditi Pohankar plays the leading role in this series. It focuses on gender dynamics and empowerment, which attracts the attention of people around the globe, especially Indians.

4. Jamtara- Sab ka Number Ayega

This amusing and interesting series is ranking in the top 4 on the Netflix platform and sheds light on scams, small town drama, and suspense. This amazing series throws light on the scams in the rural areas of India. It represents an amazing storyline that attracts the attention of people and the rural portrayal of India engages viewers a lot. 

5. Bard of Blood

Another amazing drama series presented by the Netflix platform that is adopted by Bilal Siddique’s espionage thriller, “Bard of Blood,” follows the journey of an excommunicated RAW agent tasked with rescuing Indian spies captured in Pakistan. Its amazing plot and story are based on high action sequences, which force the viewer to watch the movie completely without wasting time. 

6. Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba, a mixed-reality series on Netflix that explores the lives of fashion designer Masaba Gupta and her mother, seasoned actress Neena Gupta, is the platform’s other sixth-ranked series. People from all over the world, especially Indians, are drawn to this incredible and wonderful series that blends fiction and reality. It shows authenticity and humor that engage people to watch the series fully.

7. A Suitable Boy

An amazing television series called “A Suitable Boy” was created based on the epic novel produced by Vikram Seth. This story relates the tale of a young Indian lady seeking independence and love in the face of the country’s turbulent social climate after independence. Because of the extensive narrative and intricate historical details, this fascinating and amazing story enthralls the audience and compels them to watch the entire film. 

8. Taj Mahal 1989

Taj Mahal shows the love of muslim rurals during their reign in India. The Taj Mahal 1989 memorable story that explored love and relationships against the backdrop of 1980s India shows the multiple love stories set in the city of Lucknow. The nostolgic charm and engaging storyline of the series compel people to remember that historical truth love stories and stuck them to watch fully and that is one of the reason that it has won 8th position on the Netflix app.

9. Indian Matchmaking

This amazing and interesting series shows the customs and traditions of arranged marriages in the eastern part of the world, in India. It offers a candid look which follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia as she helps clients find their perfect life partners. This amusing movie or series shows the traditions, quest for love, and modernity in contemporary India VidMate

10. Paatal Lok

Paatal Lok gained the top 10th position on the Netflix platform. It is based on an amusing and interesting storyline that shows the criminal world in Delhi. It offers themes of world politics, social crimes, corruptions, etc. The writer of the series, Sudip Sharma, received praise for the interesting storyline and complex characters.

11. AK vs AK

This is also an amazing blend of reality and a fictional world of drama that captures the attention of people around India and all around the world, which represents the pitted director Aurang Kashyap against actor Anil Kapoor in the shadow of meta-fiction. This film, also known as mockumentary-style movie, offers a unique and entertaining take on celebrity culture and the movie industry.

12. Typewriter

This amazing series is a blend of horror and mystery, “TypeWriter” is followed by a group of young ghost hunters as they unravel the secrets of a haunted villa in Goa. This supernatural story appeals to fans of ghost stories.

13. Bombay Begum

This fantastic series explores the lives of five different women from different backgrounds in “Bombay Begum,” which offers a strong portrayal of power, ambition, and womanhood in contemporary Mumbai. The producer , developed by Alankrita Shrivastava, shows the theme of gender equality and workplace dynamics. Its amazing and complex characters teach the lesson of equality and strong will power in women of India and eastern girls, which attracts the attention of people around the globe and also gets appreciation from multiple countries.

14. Mismatched

This interesting series shows the themes of love, relationship, and romance between the two college friends. It had amazing and complex characters and a relatable storyline, which resonated with the young audiences searching for heartfelt entertainment.

15. Betaal

This is also one of the amazing and fantastic series of dramas on Netflix that is based on a blend of mystery and horror themes. This series shows the lives of soldiers battling an ancient curse shown by the British officers and has won the hearts of people in India. 

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