Vidmate’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Videos of All Time

Vidmate is a fantastic and interesting video downloading application that offers unlimited and extra videos and allows its users to watch and download their favorites. This amazing app offers limits and extra key features that draw the attention of people around the globe because it fulfills the needs and requirements of users. Millions of people around the globe, are using this interesting app on a daily basis to watch and download multiple videos according to their preferences and interests. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most downloaded videos most of the time in all of the world. 

Top 10 Most Downloaded Videos of All Time

1. “Shape of You,” Produced by Sheeran 

The music video for “Shape of You,” produced by Ed Sheeran, is one of the famous worldwide and is most of time downloaded. Due to its engaging storyline, the song has attracted audiences from all over the world. incorporating dancehall, pop, and the elements of R&B, this song is incredible. It is even more appealing when you watch its visually striking music video, which has won awards and accolades.

2. “Baby Shark Dance”, performed by PinkFong

Another amazing and interesting video, Baby Shark Dance, created and written by PinkFong, is ranking in the Vidmate app at the top. This wonderful movie has captured the attention of people around the globe due to the amazing themes, storyline, and song of the movie. Children as well as parents showed their interest in this animated and highly tuned movie and fully watched that video not one but many times. Due to this catchy side of the video, this movie became successful enough to get a second place on the Vidmate application within a short time period.

3. “Gangnam Style,” Produced by PSY

This interesting and amazing Korean movie written by PSY, a famous Korean movie producer, won the hearts of people within a short time period just after its release in 2012. This amazing movie gets the attention of people with its engaging songs, lyrics, dance moves, and a lot more. After listening to the lyrics and music of Gangnam Style, people around the world couldn’t resist themselves from watching. This movie has created a storm among people and they downloaded it and watched it. In this way, it has gotten the top three spots on the Vidmate app.

4. “See You Again,” written by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charli Puth

Another amusing movie that has won the 4th position on the Vidmate app is “See You Again,” written by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charli Puth. This interesting and amazing movie is based on strong emotions and sensations that touched the hearts of the audience and viewers. That’s why people have been watching and downloading this fantastic movie since it was released. The heartfelt song of the video is based on the feature, “Furious 7,” which is not only a chart-topper but also a heartfelt farewell to a beloved actor. That’s why this video has also become one of the videos at the top of the Vidmate app.

5. “Despacito,” created by Luis Fonsy ft. Daddy Yankee

These are the famous lyrics in Latin and there is no doubt that this song is also ranking at the top on the Vidmate app. Its catchy lyrics, theme, emotions, etc. have captured the attention of people around the globe and are ranking at the top. The video of the song showcases the beauty of Puerto Rico, which has added charm and beauty. 

6. “Jhony Jhony Yes Papa,” Presented by LooLoo Kids

“Jhony Jhony Yes Papa” is a rhyme that has captured the attention of not only children but also parents. From this children’s poem, parents as well as children worldwide have become familiar with this interesting and lyrical poem, which was successful in winning the 6th position on the Vidmare application. This wonderful and simple poem is included in the course books in most countries because toddlers and children love to listen to and sing this amazing nursery rhyme. 

7. Music Performances and Concerts

It is a reality that music is the soul of man and almost every person in the world wants and loves to listen to traditional as well as modern music. The music concerts and performances won the hearts of people around the globe and also won the 7th position on the Vidmate app. Now, you can watch and listen to your favorite songs and artist’s voices live from the concerts on this interesting platform without facing any difficulties because it covers all the needs and requirements, like dramas, songs, music, etc., of people.

8. Counting Stars, created and presented by the OneRepublic

OneRepublic is famous and well-known music industry that is considered as a king in the music industry. Counting Star is also one of the interesting and trending songs that has kept its position at the top of the app. This interesting song is also based on an interesting theme that encourages us to dream big and aim for the stars. The amazing and fantastic videos, amusing dance scenes, and other features increase the interest of people and force them to listen to and  watch it. 

9. “Hello”, sung by Adele

“Hello” is a song that is sung by singing star Adele and has won the hearts of people because there is an attraction in the voice of the singer, especially in this song. The voice, the theme of the song, emotionally charged videos, and his heartfelt reunion with an old flame leave long lasting impressions on the audience. The interesting theme of the song made the users of the app shed tears and share their own stories through this amazing song, which helped it get a successful top ranking on the Vidmate app.

10. “Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

“Uptown Funk” is another interesting and amusing song that is sung by two singer stars, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and the voices of both have won the hearts of people. The amazing and attractive theme of the song never stops anyone from listening to and watching the video of the Uptown Funk song, which has also won 10th place on the Vidmate app. 

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